We are stoked to announce that Lesotho will be the first African country to host an EWS qualifier. The Kingdom Enduro has recently been added to the list of 50 Enduro events from 24 countries and 4 continents around the globe as an official EWS qualifier.

Image: Tammy Du Preez, top of “Marabaraba”

This event will surely put Lesotho and Africa as a continent on the radar of the international enduro cycling community.  It follows in the footsteps of the well renowned UCI 6 day XCM stage race: the Lesotho Sky. As both events are organised with a strong commitment to developing cycling in the “Kingdom in the Sky”.  

“We hope that this will draw more people to come to Lesotho with their bikes. It is an amazing country for adventure riding, however, is amazing!” – Darol Howes race director of the Kingdom Enduro.

Image Boteng Molapo from the Kingdom Enduro Recce

What does being part of the EWS mean?

To race in the EWS world series, riders need to qualify. There are a limited number of entries available for the 1000s of people who want to race at the highest level. Chris Ball the managing director of EWS says: “Demand for EWS entries grows year on year and the qualifier events are a great way for riders, especially amateurs, to have a clear and fair pathway into the World Series.”

The ethos of Enduro.

It is more than just a race where you only time the downhills. The essence of Enduro has just as much to with high-quality racing, as it is about the great ethos or the sport.

Enduro mountain bike racing is designed to be the definitive test for the mountain biker, with the focus of each event on creating a great atmosphere, community, competition and adventure for the competitor, including the best riding on the best terrain available in the host region.”

We love racing bikes and highly value the atmosphere surrounding a bike ride with your mates. That beer you share in the pub after, those stories you tell around the campfire at night and the prank you play on your mate in the morning are all part of the vibe we want to create. This makes the EWS qualifier perfect for us.

Image: Boteng Molapo:- Rene Damseaux, Darol Howes and Christian Schmidt at the “Pink Elephant” Shabeen after a hard day in the trails

Make no mistake though- it’s not just all fun and beers- the route will be hard. The EWS outlines a racing format that “allows riders to compete against each other, starting individually, on special stages which are designed to challenge the rider’s technical ability and physical capacity.”

More about the EWS (Enduro World Series)

The Enduro World Series is a collection of 8 of the biggest and most renowned Enduro mountain bike Events from around the globe put together by the EMBA.

“The association comprises of four hugely experienced mountain bikers; Fred Glo, Enrico Guala, Chris Ball and Darren Kinnaird. Together, the group unite the collective experiences garnered from founding the sport of Enduro in France and Italy, building Cranxworx Whistler into the largest mountain bike festival in the world and racing and working within World Cup downhill racing. By joining together seven existing large events across four countries and two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the EMBA group created the flagship Enduro World Series, starting in 2013.

The ethos of the group is simple – to develop the sustainable growth of Enduro racing alongside our membership; including riders, teams, industry and organisers.” http://www.enduroworldseries.com/

Learn More about Lesotho and Roma here: https://kingdomenduro.com/more-about-lesotho-and-roma/

Entries and more information: https://kingdomenduro.com

More about the enduro world series: http://www.enduroworldseries.com/