Kingdom Enduro 2018: The Route

The Kingdom Enduro 2018 will be unleash this weekend and only the brave (and probably a bit mental) have entered for this brand-new enduro event. The event was put together by the organisers of Lesotho Sky, Darol Howes and Christian Schmidt, in partnership with the uber-creative route finder and trail groomer Rene Damseaux.

With a small budget and a big dream, we have created an event that holds massive promise. While many races claim to be untamed, tough and all natural,  the riding over the three days will be hectic. And with trail names such as Witchcraft, Pressure Cooker, Lesothosaurus, Barking Dog and God Help Me, the 40-odd riders who entered for the race are having sleepless nights.

So without further adieu, here is the first official Kingdom Enduro route launch:

Day 1: 3 Witches

Every good fairytale needs a witch to cast a spell and mesmerise the hero. And that is why this stage is the perfect intro to Lesotho-style riding. Since the trail first appeared in the Following the Horsemen documentary, it has dazzled Enduro fanatics and therefore leaving every rider with a massive grin of pure joy.

Pressure Cooker
This stage is part of the famous Roof of Africa route. It’s a rocky trail that goes from basalt rock baby heads to flowing sandstone at the bottom.

Like any good quickie – fun and fast.

This is the locals’ favourite at Roma, and it’s awesome to ride. It consists of a mad sandstone base with doubles, triples and drops everywhere.

Day 2: Molimo-Nthuse

kingdom enduro 2018 route

God Help Me
This is a true highland run with amazing flow and crazy views. Riders will have to keep their wits about them, because of a rather large punch in the trail towards the end. It might knock out a couple of teeth or unleash a cry that might also be taken for a prayer.

Any riding around this part is known to be very technical. It’s a steepish and tight trail that will test any rider’s skills.

This stage starts with a crazy ridge ride and drops to the more familiar loose rocky trail that riders have gotten used to thus far. This trail is hard on the body and easy on the soul.

This is Rene’s favourite trail of the event. Riders will work hard to get to this awesome trail, but the reward will be worth it. After an hour or two hike-a-bike to the top, a super-steep downhill section with berms and epic flow leads riders down to a waterfall. The terrain changes from black to red earth and speeds up over loose rocks until you hit the sandstone slabs near the bottom.

Day 3: romArena

A tour of our local Roma playground and definitely the hardest day out. It’s rough, steep, loose and technical all day, over and over again.

Free Fall
This is the hardest trail of the event and was part of the gold finish for the Roof of Africa a few years back. Read more about this section on Kingdom Enduro’s blog.

Race Details:
23-25 March
Roma, Lesotho.
Enduro World Series Qualifier
Total distance: 125km
Climbing : 3600m
Descent: 5600m