We are stoked to announce that we will be an EWS qualifier for the second year running. This year we are joined by Enduro Western Cape will be hosting Africa’s second EWS qualifier in Stellenbosch on the 06 October 2019. Darol Howes the race director from Kingdom Enduro said: “We are chuffed to see Enduro growing in Africa, it’s awesome to see the sport progress and more events popping up. Being just one of 2 World Series events in Africa, the Kingdom Enduro is really putting the Kingdom of Lesotho on the world map.”

The EWS qualifier races allow riders to improve their ranking that will be used for qualification for the following years World Series Races.

Diagram was taken from www.enduroworldseries.com

The EWS says –  “With the main EWS races moving to a pre-qualification only structure from 2019 onwards, the European Series and Qualifier events offer up and coming riders a clear pathway into gaining valuable global ranking points and the chance to pre-qualify to race in 2020.”


For more EWS qualifier races take a look at the calendar: http://www.enduroworldseries.com/races/?goal=0_7fc98392ef-64adcfbb9d-453638729&mc_cid=64adcfbb9d&mc_eid=b6698d84be