Bitcoin is fast becoming a global standard in currency and payment. “Bitcoin is a very secure and inexpensive way to handle payments.” –
Should you wish to pay for Kingdom Enduro with bitcoin
1: Enter as normal on Entry Ninja.
2: After you complete your registration. Select “Pay Later”.

3: Send us an email ( with your Name and registration ID (e.g. E24526-6582765) and we will send you a Bitcoin invoice. The price will be the equivalent in Lesotho Loti or South African Rand less 10% (1 loti = 1 Rand)

At the time of this article 7000 ZAR=~0.04 Bitcoin.

4: Once your payment has come through, we will confirm your entry. Please note that Bitcoin payments do sometimes take a little time (a few seconds to a few hours).
To find out more about bitcoin here: