The Rider’s Toolkit

From the route to what to pack, all the information will be on this page. We will update it closer to the start of the Race.



Registration takes place on Thursday 21 March 2019 at the Roma Trading Post Lodge.  All riders will complete the registration process, which includes completing and submitting the Participant Waiver & Disclaimer forms. During registration, you will receive your race package and accommodation instructions.

Riders must please remember to present some sort of photo identification document (driver’s license, passport or ID book) as proof of identity.

Provision will be made for the odd latecomer, because sometimes people lose track of time driving through the awesomeness that is Lesotho.

If you are not registered, you will not be allowed to start.


21 March 2018: 12:00 – 18:00
Roma Trading Post Lodge.

See Google Map.


21 March 2018: 20:00 – 21:00
The race briefing is at the Roma Trading Post Lodge.
Attendance is compulsory, as vital information regarding the race, will be given.


For a clear idea of what is going on each day please download the 2019 Itinerary


To view all the info about transportation and accommodation prior to the race. See below.

Remember to pack





Action Cam

Cell Phone

Lock for bag and tent


Bum Cream

Rain Jacket

Sleeping Bag (If camping)






Total days: 3
Total distance: 120km
Total Downhill: 6500m

Day 1 and 2 we will take a shuttle out to the start point and riding back to the lodge.

On Day 3 we will ride the local trails in the #romarena which start and finish at the lodge.

There shall be 3 to 5 stages per day, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes for the front runners. It’s rather gnarly out here and be prepared to carry your bike. Expect to spend 5 to 8 hours a day out on the trails.

*A GPS route will be sent to you 1 week before the race start, be sure to load this on your GPS BEFORE coming to Lesotho.

See the GPS GUIDE.

To get a better understanding of how the Kingdom Enduro 2019 route profile would look, take a look at the profiles of last year’s race.

General Info


The national currency is the Loti which is locked 1 to 1 with the South African Rand. You can still spend Rand freely in Lesotho. There are some ATMs in Roma, but they do not always have cash. So bring some for the bar and extra things you may need. You cannot tap and pay at a street vendor in Lesotho.


Your entry includes breakfast, a light lunch on the trail and dinner from the night of the 21st to the night of the 24th. If you want breakfast on the morning of the 26th, you need to let the lodge know at registration.

You need to bring, energy bars, gels or any snacks you eat on your rides. Please bring all you need for the three days as it’s difficult to find this stuff in Lesotho.

EWS  Membership

Should you want to earn EWS points you need to be a member before the start of the race.
Riders can now purchase/renew their 2019 memberships here.

Equipment Advice



Regarding your bike, we suggest you bring a spare rear derailleur, derailleur hanger, chain, links, cable, tyre, sealant… etc In Africa, a tubeless setup is highly recommended. It probably should be compulsory…


We will send you the route on GPS prior to the event. If you have a GPS, please upload the route on it. This is highly recommended. Only the stages will be marked, for the liaisons you will need to follow a guide or your GPS. If you can’t, we will have a few designated guides for you to follow, or you can follow a friend.

 View the GPS Guide.


The trails are rough, rocky, hard, soft, open, shrubby, brown, red, black, loose and sketchy. We highly recommend elbow, knee and chest guards and the use of a full-face helmet. However, this is not mandatory.


As you will be out in the mountains all day we also recommend you have a backpack with at least a 3-litre bladder to carry your water, snacks and spear. (It’s always a good thing to carry with so you can finish the race.)

Travel Information



Lesotho is a country on its own. You will need a valid passport on arrival. South African and most foreign nationals get 30 days on arrival.
If you are coming with a minor or anybody under 18 years of age please make sure you read this and have all you documents in order.

Getting to Lesotho

You can fly to Moshoeshoe 1 international it is just 20 min drive from base camp. Just let us know when you arrive and our shuttle will pick you up. It is very expensive to fly to Lesotho From Johannesburg- Our strong suggestion is that you team up with somebody coming and hire a car in Johannesburg.


If you drive to Lesotho you will need to cross at a border gate. The Maseru bridge border gate is open 24 hours but can take a long time to cross. We recommend either taking Van Rooyen’s gate (open daily from 6h00 to 22h00) or Peka Bridge (open daily from 8h00 to 16h00) if possible. You will need to pay a road tax as you cross to Lesotho, this is R30 for a normal car.

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