Africa’s most badass enduro… 23 – 25 March 2018

Kingdom Enduro is a 3-day enduro stage race through the Kingdom of Lesotho. An independent country, located in the middle of South Africa consisting of nothing but mountains. Countless paths carved by the Basotho people and their animals have created a sheer endless network of trails. We have chosen some of the best and invite you to experience Africa’s most badass enduro event

Meet the organisers

  • Our event director, networker and sponsor guy.

    Christian went to primary school in Lesotho and then continued school back in Germany. Christian’s love for mountain biking grew in Germany and later in Cape Town while attending the University of Cape Town. In 2011 he started the Lesotho Sky with Darol Howes, the event has now grown to a world renowned UCI MTB stage race in the Kingdom of Lesotho. With the skills, knowledge of Lesotho, it’s culture and people along with Chris’ love for going down all things rocky makes Christian our perfect event director.


    Christian Schmidt MTB enduro Lesotho Africa
    Christian Schmidt
  • Our route finder and groomer

    Rene is man with a heart of gold and balls of steel. Having grown up in Port Elizabeth he found himself in the UK where he started Woodworks Brighton with his brother Francois. Lover of all things fast and furious and a man who chases his dreams he moved to Molini di Triora, Italy with his enduro bike and started building trails and guiding crazy people down his crazy trails during Summer and racing Enduro races around the world for the rest of the year. Rene fell in love with riding in Lesotho and met Christian at Roma Trading Post where a mutual idea of hosting a world class Enduro event was shared- so here we are…

    Rene Danseaux the trail builder at Kingdom Enduro
    Réné Damseaux
  • Our technical race director

    Darol grew up in South Africa with a crazy need for adventure Darol was drawn to Mountain Biking while studying at the University of Cape Town. Upon attending a MTB tour though Lesotho he started the Lesotho Sky with our event director Christian Schmidt. Darol has been the race and route director for the event since it’s inception and knows every nook and cranny around us here in at Roma Trading Post as well as knowing all there is to know about getting a race going in the middle of nowhere, making him the perfect man for the job.

    kingdom enduro lesotho mtb darol howes
    Darol Howes

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